[Executive training] The more excellent, the harder you work, the more you share, the more you grow!

On August 23, 2018, Mr. Wang Xinbing, the general manager of Guangsheng Electric, conducted the “Executive Power” special training at the headquarters. All the managers and office staff of Guanghao Electric participated in the training.

Rather than saying that this is an “executive power” special training, it is better to say that this is an “experience exchange meeting” between leaders and employees. Mr. Wang shared his team management experience with his employees over the years. At the same time, we also shared with our vast colleagues in our work and in the experience sharing of President Wang. The experience in the training is to enhance the understanding of each other and to have a deeper understanding of each other’s work.

The better the better, the harder the people

First of all, Mr. Wang shared his own learning process, from self-study computer to Guangdong Business School’s international trade study, from Sun Yat-sen University MBA to various trainings, all kinds of learning experience can not help but sigh: “The more outstanding people work harder “In this training, Mr. Wang has integrated the learning results of many years and shared it with us. He hopes that through training, the executive performance and other aspects of the staff will be comprehensively improved.

1. Success = goal + plan + action + correction + persistence

For success, everyone has a different definition, and in the view of Mr. Wang, when we look back, we can be better than our former self, which is a kind of success. When we will be successful in the success, success = specific goals + perfect plan + efficient action + constant correction + continuous persistence, when talking about goals and persistence, Mr. Wang uses his own experience of running to explain the importance of persistence Sex, in fact, many times, as long as you cross the “pole”, the pain of persistence will become worthless.

2. Without execution, there is no competition

When talking about executive power, Mr. Wang explained the meaning of executive power in a simple language—“the quality of execution is the execution power” and puts forward that “execution force obeys orders, resolutely enforces, results, no reason, We rely on the results to survive, not on the grounds.” At the same time, Mr. Wang also gave us a detailed explanation of the results of thinking, time, and so on through the video and actual cases, so that we can have a deeper understanding of execution. .

3. Do a good job of time management and effectively improve your personal execution

When talking about personal execution, Mr. Wang formed a time management matrix according to the urgency and importance, and proposed: important urgent events to be done immediately, important not urgent plans to do, unimportant urgent events authorized, unimportant and not urgent events Do not do it. Secondly, Mr. Wang also pointed out that important and non-urgent events are often overlooked by us, such as the study of their own skills, the establishment of interpersonal relationships, the maintenance of physical health, etc. If we do not implement and accumulate in time, important unimportant events may At the same time, Mr. Wang also invited employees to discuss and share important and urgent events at this stage in conjunction with their own work. 

4. Everything is explained, everything has an echo

Mr. Wang suggested that in the work, we should promptly reply to the tasks assigned by the leaders, and should report the progress to the leaders, on the one hand, to reassure the leaders, on the other hand, to provide a basis for correct decision-making. Doing “all things are responsible, everything is responsible, everything is always there.”

5. How to improve team execution?

When talking about team execution, Mr. Wang talked about three aspects: creating a strong executive culture, leading the way, improving the system and streamlining the process. In the future, Guangsheng Electric will continue to work hard in these major directions. While improving the execution of the team, it will also continuously improve product technology and improve product quality. Because when the products of Hirose are recognized by the society and the satisfaction of consumers, it is the greatest significance of our work.

Post time: Aug-25-2018