Wonderful silhouette of the Canton Fair | Come to the GOSHEN booth and meet the delicious!

The 124th China import and export fair

The 124th China import and export commodities fair was held in Pazhou exhibition center in Guangzhou. Mengdao electric ice cream machine, ice – making machine and kitchen refrigerator made their debut in the exhibition, attracting a large number of customers stop  to visit and consult.

1.Hot · popular exhibition site

The hot exhibition hall

This contrasts sharply with the colder weather

Interested in the broad gentry machines

Love Goshen products at first sight

The taste win you over with a bite

For a time, the booth was busy


△Canton Fair site


△The salesperson patiently introduces the product to the customer



△The crowd was crowded and the atmosphere was warm


△Customers interested in Goshen ice cream machine


△ Demonstrate a simple touch screen for the customer



△Customer who understands the company’s situation


△Customer took a group photo with Chairman of Goshen

2.Delicious·Let’s make an appointment with ice cream

If you haven’t eaten Goshen ice cream

Don’t say that you know what is silky and delicious

High-value ice cream machine

Delicious ice cream

Absolutely impress your taste buds

So come to the Goshen booth

Have a wonderful date with ice cream!


△ Come and taste the delicious ice cream


△Ask the customer of the ice cream machine while tasting the ice cream


△ Queued for ice cream


△ Yan value + delicious double temptation

3.Meet · ubiquitous guangshen products

Ice cream machine, ice machine, commercial kitchen freezer

Still the standard of this Canton Fair

Wonderful is

In the small shop around Pazhou Complex

We found a vast refrigerated display case

What is the quality of Goshen Electric?

The ubiquitous product is the best answer


△Canton Fair on the machine display


△ Ice cream machine detail display


△ Ubiquitous Goshen Electric: Occasional Goshen display cabinet

Goshen electric company                                                                                                                                                                  

The tenet of Goshen electric appliance company — “Focus on commercial refrigerating appliances to improve human life taste!”

Goshen electric company’s goal — “To become a leading brand in the global commercial refrigeration field through 20 years’ efforts!”

Consistently adhere to creating high-quality commercial refrigeration products! Creative design to provide users with better experience!

Canton fair has not been seen enough? Welcome to guangzhou factory of Goshen electric!

Post time: Oct-25-2018